About Us

The Olives Automobile Company was established in 2001 as a small car dealership shop and was operated by Oliver. We have crawled our way to the top through good negotiations, relevance and hard work. We render import and export services for automobiles and heavy duty equipment world wide as and when we win a contract.

When you visit our dealership for any truck, heavy-duty equipment, cars or pre-owned vehicles, you’ll find a friendly sales team ready to help you find the right automobile with the right price in a no-pressure environment. The first step is finding out your driving needs whether that’s an efficient commuter which suits your work choice. Afterward, our finance team can help you quickly secure auto financing no matter your credit score.

Take a few moments to browse through our inventory, and let us know if there are any models you’ve got your eye on. When you’re ready, we’ll see you down at the dealership for a good deal!